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imageRespected afghans and friends, please don’t hesitate to donate generously; it’s such matter of urgency. Our dear fellow afghans in north of the country needs our help and support due to the recent flooding. We have so much and by giving it will not be reduced but increased. It’s our religious and moral duty to be helpful in time of needs for
our brothers and sisters. It’s time we act and do our bit and participate with open heart. We very much appreciate your kindness and brotherhood -:) every little helps.many thanks and may Allah reward for your love and compassion…

Please follow the link to donate whatever you can. Thank you for your generous support.



Hi Guys,

Welcome to my official blog 🙂

Due to the encouragements of friends, i have decided to create this blog to share my experiences and stories. And I thank Edmund Chow for his help and support in seating up the site. He is a great inspiration to me and has always supported me in my political ambitions.

Stay tuned to my future posts… and come walk with me on this journey.