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Peaceful protest in London against Pakistan’s support for terrorism and killing of Afghans.

Dear all Afghans and other British friends who share the same concern and understand the nature of Pakistan-ISI double standards on terrorism , are kindly requested to join this peaceful protest.

Date/Time: Sunday, the 7th of December from 1-3pm.

Location: outside British Parliament – House Commons.

Thank you all for your support.

So we are planning to hold a peaceful protest , against the killing of Innocent people in our motherland Afghanistan.

We would like to request for your support and spreading the word and informing all community memberes to join us. We must work collectively to raise awareness and show the world that we can raise our voice against the injustice and double standard of Pak Government.

Lets give voice to the voiceless, and expresss our views through a civil protest. This is the most powerful way to bring postive change and speak against the wrong doers. This is our fundamental right and we must exercise it.

The date has been set for December 7th, we understand that it is a short notice, however I was advised of this event early today. However, it has to be done, due to the situation and current circumstance, people are been killed even today in different parts of the country. The afghan government, international community needs to take all necessary action to improve security and stability.

In order to ensure the protest is organized legally and we must have the permit/informing the legal authority, We believe the United Afghan Peace Movement has taken the lead in organizing this protest and we will be supporting in any way possible, as it cannot be done by one person.

Your ideas and suggestions are greatly apprecaited. Please do not hestiate to contact if you have further questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday in London.
Long live Afghans and Afghanistan.