My involvement in youth work. 

Youth activism and political engagements.   
For the last five years, I have had the opportunity to get involve with many different committees, groups, forums and commissions to make a positive difference, influence policy and decision makers on issues; I am passionate and care about. However, it’s now time to move on but without forgetting the amazing experiences of being part of a change through youth representation and participation. I shall certainly not forget the inspiring people I met along the way and will continue play my part to make the world a better place. Of course, I have left many local groups a few years back as I have move forward in my personal and political developments. Here are some of my involvement and participation. I shall continue to play my part and make a positive difference. 
Member of Bolton Youth Council; served as Youth Councillor from 2010-2012
2020 Education Youth Ambassador; 

2013 onwards working with a group of young people to created an education fit for purpose and 21st century. The project is lead by MomentumWorld.

Member of National Scrutiny Group [Representing the North West in NSG] – 2012-2014, this has been an excellent opportunity for me to represent the voices of young people and advice the government on youth policies.

Commissioner on Children’s Commission on Child Poverty – TCS

2013- 2015; we have produced a few reports into child poverty in the UK.

Youthforia Youth Employment Commission -YYEC – 2013-2014. One of the young commissioner on the panel;

NHS Youth Forum Member (BYC) 

2014/15, absolutely one of the best and amazing opportunity to work with young people and some dedicated and committed youth voice champion at the NHS 😉

Member of Youth Management Board ~ NCVYS 2014/15

ParliaMentor 2014/15 – 3FF
Model Westminster Ambassador;

Trainer-Mentor for CareLeaver Association;

Young Ambassador for Refugee Week:

Young Labour Representative

Youth Ambassadors for Refugees & Asylum Seekers
President of Afghan Youth Movement – AYMUK


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