BBC Radio Interviews 


 BBC 5Live – Afternoon Eidtion: 40 minutes into the program, I talk discuss refugee issues and #TheLightlessSky
Radio 4 – MidWeek; 10 minutes into the discussion: I was part of an incredible panel. 

At 12 Gulwali Passarlay was sent away from Afghanistan by his mother to escape the conflict that claimed his father’s life. After a harrowing journey across eight countries he arrived in the UK a year later. Now 21, he is in his third year studying politics at the University of Manchester and works with aid organisations and youth groups. His ambition is to return to Afghanistan and become its president in 2035. The Lightless Sky – An Afghan Refugee Boy’s Journey is published by Atlantic Books.

BBC world service – Outlook;

Gulwali Passarlay grew up in eastern Afghanistan, not far from where the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, had his stronghold. Gulwali’s family were very pro-Taliban- his uncle was a senior commander – and Gulwali grew up hating the West and all it stood for. He has been on a phenomenal journey since then – both physically and mentally. As a 12-year-old he made the journey, by himself, from Afghanistan to the UK, facing one catastrophe after another. Now 21, he is a final year student at a leading university in Britain.

And many more local radio interviews but this one was interesting with US;


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