Media update for The Lightless Sky 

Spoke to Aljazeera English regarding Afghans being deported: 


Student goes back to school to share his inspirational journey from refugee to university undergraduate:

EU refugee deal ‘wrong decision,’ says author who fled Afghanistan:

Refugee Gulwali Passarlay: why I travelled 12,000 miles alone at the age of 12 to reach the UK: 
‘Misery, humiliation and cold’: Calais
It has been a productive year so far, I have been travelling across the country speaking at literary festivals and event about #TheLightlessSky and #RefugeeCrisis 

With thanks to everyone for their support and encouragements 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Media update for The Lightless Sky 

  1. Kate Lockley

    Dear Gulwali Passarlay, I am working on a children’s educational book about Refugees and Migrants in which there is a piece about you and your work. We’d like to include a photo of you and wonder if you could supply a hi res scan of the picture that appears in the Bookseller article above? It’s a head & shoulders shot that is credited to you. I do hope you can help. With thanks & best wishes, Kate Lockley p.p. Wayland/Hachette Children’s Books

  2. Simon Chapman

    I’ve just finished reading your book and have been blown away by your story. Such an exceptional and wonderful book, and yet such a terrible experience for anyone to go through – let alone a child. Ii sounds bad but I think I have been guilty of becoming almost apathetic to all the news stories of the refugee crisis but your book really brought home to me the reality of what it actually feels like and what so many people are going through everyday – thank you and congratulations on such a brilliant book.


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