Articles, interviews in the last few months in 2016. 

2016, although being a terrible year for the world peace and refugees, but I have been very busy trying to making whatever little difference I would to give voice to the voiceless and human face to the statistics and numbers. 

Here are my writings and talks 🙂 

‘Less than human’: does asylum system harm child refugees’ mental health?

Once Upon a Tweet, found online, told online and watch online – BBC Three

Like last year, I once again had the opportunity to lead the Refugee Welcome Protest in London.

Speaking to bbc world – The Inquiry about missing UASC in Europe. #TheLightlessSky

It was a great to have the chance to speak at Europen Commission on #EUChilRightsForum about my experiences, story and struggle as refugee in Europ. First 40 minutes  is my speech and discussion.

Link to photos from the conference 🙂

‘When I fled to the UK, no one believed I was 13. Ten years on, nothing’s changed’

Gulwali Passarlay had to convince officials that he was still only a child when he arrived in the UK; now he sees children younger than he was facing the same treatment. He explains why it leaves him angry:

And another Article I wrote for the guardian in 2015. 

At 13 I found sanctuary in Britain, now we’re failing refugee children:

Some portraits of me by an brilliant photographer 🙂

It was good to have been on the panel at Havering College students meet challenge of broadcasting their version of BBC’s Question Time: 

Mr Passarlay was met with a round of applause from the young audience when he said: “Why should old people just get the right to vote?”

He continued: “I was certain that we were going to vote to stay. The majority who voted to leave did it in good faith.

“It makes me angry that people who can vote, didn’t vote and 16-year-olds should be able to vote. If that was allowed the result would have been completely different.”

Alongside many talks and events that I have attend and participate go give speeches or go in conversation with academic and journalists. I was invited to give a talk and contribute to a panel discussion at the STAR conference by students supporting refugees.

Spoke a charity event for Syria.

Impressive to work with a group of Summer school students at IWM: 

And finally some pictures from other events and conferences across the UK and Europe. 


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