Graduation from the UoM! 

I am truly honoured and privilege to have completed my BA in politics and social science. Here are some articles about my completion and contributions at Manchester. 

Graduation success for inspirational Afghan refugee:

Inspiring Afghan refugee who fled across eight countries at the age of 12 graduates from University – MEN:

Gulwali Passarlay celebrates graduation success after coming to Bolton as a refugee:

Two awards for the School in University awards ceremony. The Distinguished Achievement Awards Ceremony has been held to recognise achievements across the University.

Undergraduate of the year – Gulwali Passarlay
Gulwali Passarlay has just completed his Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences degree.

1 thought on “Graduation from the UoM! 

  1. Unite-and-Inspire

    Congratulation! I was so inspired by your book, that after blogging about it and telling everyone I know about your story , I decided to get involved in some volunteer work helping with refugees. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I wish you all the success in the world! Thank you for following my blog- it means so much, Taryn


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