The Lightless Sky publication in other languages. 

I am very pleased to say in 2016 #TheLightlessSky have been published in 6 languages and 7 different countries with 10 edition. You will be able to find them on Amazon and book shops around the U.K. Europ and the world. #Franch, German, Italian, Rominan, Chinese, American English and hopefully more to come…

Germany: ‘Sky without Light’

Italy: ‘I Follow The Stars’

Frence: ‘IamGulwali’

And US,

2 thoughts on “The Lightless Sky publication in other languages. 

  1. Ana Ly

    Hello, congratulations for your book. I apreciate your story and you are a case of success but I acidentally found your book because i received a parcel with your books inside at mt current Adress.

  2. Darryn-Ann Turner

    As someone who comes from a country (New Zealand ) so far removed from the pain and displacement that war creates I found I learnt so much from Guwali story. I struggled to put the book down and found myself shedding tears at the journey and the challenges that a child so young was exposed to. By the time I was nearing the end of Guwali book my tears were streaming down my face.
    Thank you Guwali for telling your story.
    You’ve made me rethink the value that I contribute in this world.


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