Articles, interviews for The Lightless Sky 

I had the pleasure of participating in the Read Regional Campaign run by New Writing North, who selected the Lightless Sky as part of the project. It was amazing travelling across the north and speaking at libraries and schools. 

Read Regional

From March to June each year, the annual Read Regional campaign celebrates selected new books from the North of England. At libraries and literary festivals across the North, authors take part in events where you can hear about their writing and talk to them about their work. 


Afghan refugee brings his story to Hexham

Bolton graduate shortlisted for prestigious education award

Man who fled war torn Afghanistan takes to the stage to raise awareness of refugees

If we Direct them to the Right Source, Refugees have Brilliant Ideas

Author’s epic escape to freedom life story inspires Excelsior pupils

Passarlay’s book chronicles his journey as a young refugee

Book review: ‘The Lightless Sky’ tells modern-day refugee story

GULWALI PASSARLAY; Global Youth Ambassador, Theirworld

Author Gulwali Passarlay speaks about his journey as a refugee from Afghanistan to Britain, aged 12

Gulwali Passarlay: The Lightless Sky #refugees #afghanistan

Panel member for Olive Branch Fostering, An amazingly humble and rewarding experience.

A share Britain, Refugee Policy for 2017.  

To start the year, Dr Jonathan Darling, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography specialising in the politics and ethics of forced migration, and Gulwali Passarlay, Afghan refugee, politics graduate and author of ‘The Lightless Sky’, reflect on how government might support asylum seekers and refugees in 2017. Together, they discuss the challenges of the last year and propose five ways that policy can respond over the coming year.

What Would You Do If Your Home Became A Warzone?

Plaque unveiled in the School to recognise the role of refugees across the country

Student Gulwali Passarlay is part of a high-profile campaign organised by The Joint Council For The Welfare Of Immigrants #IAmARefugee.

I am A refugee: 

Gulwali Passarlay was forced to flee his home in Afghanistan when he was just 12 years old. His debut book, The Lightless Sky, charts his perilous journey over land and sea to Britain, where he finally found safety. A tale of fortitude and friendship told through a child’s eyes, Gulwali’s story casts much needed light on the difficult decisions refugees are forced to take about who to trust and how to stay alive against a backdrop of political indifference.

Here, Gulwali writes exclusively for the Refugee Council about his experience of arriving in Britain as a child: bewildered, frightened and alone.

WATCH: Afghan author urges people to welcome refugees

Give refugees a chance and they will make impressive contributions…

A note to Gulwali Passarlay, author of the Lightless Sky.

Thank you to everyone for their support, encouragements and for reading The Lightless Sky. 

I look forward to more public speaking opportunities across the UK, which I certainly enjoy visiting place, meeting people, creating awareness about refugees and finding compassion ways to help and support but also encouraging solidarity and action. 

1 thought on “Articles, interviews for The Lightless Sky 

  1. paulinemcleod

    Hello Gulwali,

    Thank you for your newsletter. If you ever come to Australia would you let me know. My family have a bookshop and I am an active member of Amnesty Margaret River. Margaret River is a Refugee Welcome Zone.. I have read the Lightless Sky and would love to hear you speak..

    Kindest regards

    Pauline McLeod

    Amnesty Margaret River

    Margaret River BookShop, Western Australia


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