Public speaking engagements 

Events/talks/conference since the publication of the lightless sky, in just over a year or so. But have done even more interviews with mainstream media, TV, newspapers, radio, online etc. 
I have attended, participated and contributed to many literary festivals, libraries, schools and other panel discussion during my travelling across the U.K. Starting most recent 🙂 

Saffron Walden visit and talk at the Friend Meeting House 

Presenting Awards and giving presentation to Scouts in Lancashire 

Essa academy achievements evening 

Parliamentors alumnus networking 

SelfCareEverywhere Young people event Bradford NHS 

Patient leadership NHS conference London 

Asylum, Refugee conference Preston CoS 

Carlisle library talk 

The Radcyffle school, Oldham 

Malta visit, ESN, SSC 

Prime Mary school talk in Leicester 

Quakers event on awareness of refugee issues through art, London, during RW 

Salford university talk on asylum, refugees 

Bedford library visit/talk 

Darlington library talk as part of ReadRegional 

NHS, nursing conference in Exeter, talk the mental health challenges for Asylum seekers, the role school nurses plays 

Talk at Youth hub in Bristol to UASC 

Birmingham talk alongside Mrs Brown 

Gateshead library visit 

Stockton library talk 

Bridlington library/school 


JCORE fundraising event, on panel with Lord Dubs 

NUS conference Leeds, hosting and presenting awards to International Students 

Oxford fundraising event for Help Refugees 

CRMC AGM attendance, contribution 

Kent – KARN event in Canterbury 

Hereford, Quakers, Friend Meeting House 

Bern, Switzerland conference on Rights of children on the move 

Huddersfield library/school 

Panel discussion, participation at RSA on education in conflict zones 

Fostering panel interviewing potential Forster carers. 

School talk at Cheltenham 

Bradford library 

Chatham House 

Refugee Connection visit 

Coventry event 

Malta visit, meeting the President 

Standerland city library 

Newcastle city library talk 

Doncaster library 

Afghan emabssy event DC 

Talk at college in Rochester NY 

Glasgow festival talk 

Headingly library 

Leeds university 

Hexham library, festival 

NOMAD Trustee meeting

Oldham conference on racism 

Leeds NHS event 

Bury CoE School 

Warwick uni talk 

LSE STAR event 

APn awards 

British Education Award 

Missing Children Europe conference, Malta

Swedish educators talk, London 

Dunhurst school, Petersfield 

Their World, AWAS event 

Exeter school 

Walsall academy visit 

Talk at St Ethelbrge 

Greenwood event with Lord Dubs 

Havering college panel 

European Commission, Right of Child Forum speech, brussels 

NNECC event at UoWE on children in care 

Ship lake college talk, play 

UNA Chichester 

Oxfam schools event 

Nottingham uni 

Birmingham anti racism event 

Social work with Refugees talk, BSWA

Interfaith summit 3FF

STAR conference 

Royal society of art 

ASAUK event 

Nursing conference NHS Birmingham 

Humanitarian Congress Berlin 

Salisbury world event 

Calais visit 

Goldsmith college 

Newcastle Read Regional – NWN 

Wimbledon in conversation event 

TSCF visit 

Youthforia, YMPs, NW – Wigan 

Leicester festival 

Edinburgh book festival 

ParliaMentors talk in parliament 

IWM summer school 

Geneva UN visit 

York, UKYP Annual Siting

Chorley school, award evening 

Liverpool event 

Brodstaries CL talk 

The Mayfair event, charity fundraising 

South bank festival 

Raynes park event 

Leicester school visit 

Wasted library/school 

Oxford fundraising 

Chatham House 

3FF london 

Care for Calais Birmingham 

Hay Festival 


UCL event Preston 

CSPC talk 

Sherborne visit 

Holy cross school 

Guardian Live event 

HOME talk Manchester 

Sharples school 

Lancaster uni event 

Burway books, Shropshire 

Chichester talk 

Oxford festival 

Chatham House refugee panel 

Paris visit, school talks 

Munich uni, conference 

Sweden HeadTeachers congress 

Canterbury uni talk 

Oxfam schools event 

Shrewsbury event 

NHS Leeds 

Cambridge bookshop event. 

Lancaster art festival

Gladstone event 

Arabella church showcases 

Uffculme school, Devon

Wimbledon library 

Bolton library 

LSE politics society 

CitizenUK event 

New York visit, talks, interviews 

San Francisco presentation 

Fundraising for refugees Norfolk 

OHCHR, UN Geneva, Human Rights 

AHP event Leeds 

Shrewsbury college 

Lewes visit

Taunton literary festival 

FrontLine Club panel discussion 

Brussels conference 

Essa academy talk 

Edinburgh talk 

Belfast visit, talk 

SOAS launch event 

Queens Marry uni talk 

Nobel connection 

Salford uni SU 

Parliamentors panel discussion 

ilkley festival 

Manchester festival 

Warwick authors event 

1 thought on “Public speaking engagements 

  1. Frederika Steen

    Bless you! Any chance of an Australian tour to stir the conscience of the nation? Most Australians are fair minded and decent people, but our politicians have locked themselves in to asylum seeker policies and practices which breach human rights and damage men women and children, irretrievably.The grief and pain of refugees denied work rights and English tuition for four years , and separated from loved ones is unbearable . Vicarious trauma is affecting workers and volunteers … impacting negatively on my community.


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