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My Bight Kite

‘Lessons of Hope’ is a brand new classroom resource launched in World Refugee Week 2018 by My Bright Kite CIC. It aims to promote a deeper understanding about the experiences of young refugees and the small acts of kindness students can take to promote an ethos of welcome.

‘Lessons of Hope’ is based on a 30 minute youth-led interview between international new arrival students and Gulwali Passarlay, former child Refugee from Afghanistan, refugee campaigner, esteemed author and co-founder of Refugee Youth organisation, My Bright Kite.

The resource comes with;

·         A filmed interview with Gulwali Passarlay – Author of The Lightless Sky

·         Lesson plan and teachers guidance

·         Accompanying educational resources for your lessons

·         Student pledge cards

·         A signed copy of Gulwali Passarlay’ book, The Lightless Sky: An Afghan Refugee Boy’s Journey of Escape to A New Life in Britain

With clear links to PSHE secondary education our resource enables learners to effectively engage in;

ü  Global learning relating to seeking refuge

ü  Critical thinking relating to inequality, diversity and inclusion

Learners are inspired to make connections between their own lives and the experiences of others seeking asylum and refuge, and to consider the difference a warm and supportive welcome makes to those displaced from home.

“I would describe today’s class as inspiring, interesting, emotive, heartbreaking and amazing!” – Student

“I learnt some of the things that refugees actually go through. After today I will try appreciate what I have and help my fellow students more.” – Student


“The questions to run alongside the film were very well targeted and allowed students to hear these scenarios being talked about by someone who had lived through it. This helps make the ‘stories’ heard in the media etc much more real and humanised.” Teacher


“The pledges at the end were a nice way to finish and help students reflect on how they can help welcome and support refugees in small ways themselves” Teacher


“A brilliant resource, well targeted, effectively raising awareness with both students and staff” Teacher

To view the trailer, find out more or to order, visit: