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Afghan refugees in UK call on Home Office not to penalise those fleeing Taliban | The Independent

This Bill won’t deter people – it will put them in limbo. It will leave them distressed and unable to access education. It is cruel, inhuman, unlawful and unworkable.

(Gulwali Passarlay)
I don’t understand how the government is comfortable with breaking international humanitarian laws and creating a dangerous precedent. The idea that people coming here irregularly will be criminalised and penalised for their manner of entry is beyond me. The government hasn’t provided any safe passage for people who have a genuine claim of protection in the UK.

Those concerned and in danger can’t wait around for the UK to get on with the resettlement so they are making the dangerous and difficult journey to Europe and the UK irregularly and through unsafe routes with circumstances created by western governments.

Since coming to the UK, I have earned a degree, and a masters, written a book, and carried the Olympic torch. None of this would have been possible with this Bill.
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