This is a list of the roles and responsibilities Gulwali Passarlay is involved in with the various organisations and institutions.

Gulwali Passarlay in front of the Parliament House, UK

Gulwali Passarlay in front of the Parliament House, UK



Last updated 14 April 2014.


5 thoughts on “Affiliations

  1. Bryony Spooner

    Just finished reading your book Gulwali. I read it in 2 days – it was a fantastic, heart wrenching and inspirational read. Your family should be so proud of you. I follow the plight of refugees on a daily basis and an ashamed of how they are treated the west. Your book has inspired me to want to do more. Good luck with you quest – I will be following. Best wishes Bryony

  2. Ruth Thomas

    Just in the middle of reading your book. Thank you for writing it. I have been so enraged about how little our country is doing for refugees, and wrote to my MP about the plight of Unaccompanied minors in Calais but wasn’t very encouraged by his response……Want to do more about it. So glad that the foster care in this country was so good for you and hope more children can benefit from it.

  3. David

    Dear Gulwali,
    Thank you for coming to speak at Chichester. It was most inspiring to hear your story and your views. I hope maybe you go on to be a major player in world politics. David

  4. Madeleine v. Fischer Tollik

    Dear Gulwali
    I read your book just before giving birth to my son in September 2015. Your history encouraged me to raise a child in such a world and what real love of a mother means. You reminded me, how strong and intelligent children are. So you spent me confidence. To give you something back, I decided to teach refugees my language in my hometown for free. My first goal is, to put many smiles in the faces of my students. It works! And so I hope, it is easier for these wonderful people to start a new epoque in their lifes…thanks to you.
    Kind regards


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