Reflections from a Cairo cab


I wait for less than a minute before a white taxi pulls up by my side. ‘Masr al-Gedīdah min fadlak,’ I tell the driver, sliding into the sun-warmed leather seat. I roll down the window, swig a thick gulp of air swollen with heat and smog, and sit in anticipation of the eight mile jaunt from the ex-pat haven of Zamalek to the buzzing district of Heliopolis.

I’m in Cairo on a work project, and I brace myself for the daily commute in the notorious Cairene traffic. We begin well. To my right sprawls the Opera House with its seven theatres built in the late 1980s. The city’s former nineteenth century opera house, which staged the first ever performance of Verdi’s Aida, was entirely destroyed in a fire. I imagine the ghostly soprano voices resonating within its former grandeur – the building was intended to be an enduring symbol…

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US visit and interviews 

TheLighless Sky was published in early 2016 and here are some links to some of my interviews with US media. I had a very productive and successful few days in NYC, DC and SF. With congratulations to HarperOne – HarperCollions for the publication of the Lighless sky.





And spoke to former congressman JD Hayword:





WNYC public radio:

Another interesting interview;
    And second part:

Interviews with Canadian media 

I am grateful to newspapers, magazine and tv for convering The Lightless Sky in Canada.

  The Interview: Gulwali Passarlay on his escape from Afghanistan

Passarlay survived human trafficking and a Mediterranean crossing. And he plans to go back home.

Canada Morning Show:

And CBCRadio:

Frontline club event 

Gulwali Passarlay’s Journey as a Refugee from Afghanistan to the UK

Chatham House, kindly hosted a discussion on the refugee crsis and I talked about #TheLightlessSky 

Will Anti-Refugee Sentiment Grow in the UK Following the Paris Attacks?

The Bolton News

One boy’s astonishing tale of survival against all odds — the story of refugee Gulwali Passarlay who made new life in Bolton.

Former Child Refugee Wants To Help Solve Europe’s Migrant Crisis;

Book Review: The Lightless Sky by Gulwali Passarlay: