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03 March 2014 @ Manchester Academy (see link)


Gulwali Passarlay TEDxManchester 2014

Gulwali Passarlay TEDxManchester 2014

To set up an appointment for public speaking events, do contact Gulwali Passarlay through Twitter @GulwaliP


33 thoughts on “Public Speaking

    1. Marc Rattray

      Dear Mr Passarlay

      I write to you with an invitation to speak at the ‘Winter Lewes Speakers’ Festival’ which takes place on the 4th, 5th and 6th December 2015 at the All Saints Centre and White Hart Hotel in Lewes. We had a really successful time of it earlier this year and packed the venue for almost every speaker. We have also been covered in part by Radio 4 and BBC South East. Our website at Lewes Speakers Festival Home displays the line-up.

      The Festival will again bring together a host of interesting, well-known politicians, writers and journalists. Last year, amongst others we had Ann Widdecombe, Mark Tully, Kate Adie, Jonathan Meades, Polly Toynbee and Peter Hain. Previously we have had: William Dalrymple, Paddy Ashdown, Gavin Hewitt, Adam Boulton, Nigel Lawson, Douglas Hurd, Alan Johnson, Sandy Gall of ITN, Baron Peter Hennessy, Dame Ann Leslie and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. You would, of course, be welcome to attend any of the other speeches. We will also market the event to approximately 400,000 people.

      The festival is aimed at attracting an audience who are interested in cultural, literary, scientific, historical and political ideas. The venue is a very short walk from the train station and the centre and has a capacity for around 200 attendees as well as a large cinema screen for showing slides. It also has room for: stands; books; food and drink; and will host space for the charity ‘BRINOS’ which is setting up an ENT hospital in Southern Nepal.

      If you are willing to come, we would be delighted if you would speak about your book: ‘The Lightless Sky: An Afghan Refugee Boy’s Journey of Escape to A New Life in Britain’.

      In any case my best wishes to you
      Marc Rattray


      Lewes Speakers Festival 2015

    2. Davie Nalikata

      Hi Gulwali,
      I am a Chaplain at a College in Manchester. Can you e-mail me so we can have a chat about you speaking at the college.

  1. Lara Mepham

    Dear Gulwali
    The refugee council and e5 bakehouse are collaborating together putting on a film festival focused on the theme of borders and stories of migration from different perspectives.
    We are screening “nowhere home” by Margret Olin which highlights the stories of refugee children in the Norwegian asylum system. We are holding a discussion after the film focused on the situation of children asylum seekers both in general in asylum law and in particular about the process in the uk.
    If you could join us on the 10th of December in London, your contribution would be highly valued. Please email me or look at our website for further information.
    All the best,

    1. gulwalipassarlay Post author

      Hi Lara. Thanks for writing to me and apologies for the late response. I would very much like to attend but sadly have another events here in Manchester. I hope to goes well for you. Best wishes 🙂

  2. Tracy Hatton

    I would love you to come and talk to some students at a school in Manchester. We are having a ‘week of mercy’ in July and wondered if you could possibly make it?

    Tracy Hatton

  3. Jeremy Gordon

    Hi, I’m rabbi at New London Synagogue, where Angela G. is based. We wanted to invite you to an event here on Sun 18th Sept. Do please be in touch and I can let you know more,

  4. Andy Popperwell

    Dear Mr Passarlay,

    I’m Andy Popperwell and I teach Radio Production here at Havering College in Hornchurch. I previously worked at the BBC World Service, spending many night-shifts engineering on the programmes for Afghanistan in Dari and Pashto. I read your piece in today’s Guardian and immediately thought of you in connection with Havering Asks!

    I’m writing to invite you to participate in this year’s Havering Asks, our live-streamed television debate show based on BBC Question Time. We have professional politicians and other experts on the panel and an audience of students from this college and local schools, and the production is chaired by Fred Dove of the BBC World Service. The programme takes place in The Space on our Ardleigh Green campus and is crewed by our 16-19 year old Creative Media students with seven cameras, lights, sound and more.

    Last year’s panellists were Andrew Rosindell MP, Ivana Bartoletti from the Labour Party, Craig Bennett from Friends of the Earth and Rania Hafez from the Muslim Institute and the University of Greenwich. You can see the production here:

    We’d love to have you on this year’s show – we aim for a lively debate with well-informed panellists who can help young people to understand the world of politics and how they can help to shape the future.

    Date: Friday 2nd December 2016
    Time: 1300 lunch & makeup; 1430-1530 live; 1530-1600 photo-opportunity and tea
    Place: Havering College of F&HE, Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch RM11 2LL

    Looking forward to your response,

    Andy Popperwell
    01708 455 011 x2269

  5. Rebekah Taylor

    Hi Gulwali, I’ve been so moved by hearing your story. Thanks for sharing it. I’m a final year university student and for my major project I want to set up a platform/space where refugees from past and present can share their stories as I feel they are too important not to be shared. I would love to chat with you more about it and wondered if you would be up for sharing your story again for it? What is your email address?

    Thanks so much,

    Rebekah Taylor

  6. Lily

    Hi Gulwali,

    I hope you’re doing well. I heard you speak not so long ago at a conference at Goldsmiths in London and would be really happy if you would consider being involved in a further event.

    I’m one of the co-founders of an organisation called Migration Collective and we’re currently organising a new event that will take place on the evening of 20 February to mark ‘One day without us’. We will hold a storytelling night and photo exhibition at The Ritzy in Brixton, aiming to show the positive contribution that migrants have brought to the local community and society at large. To know more about the event (which we are curating in collaboration with the storytelling group Spark London) you can check our website at

    We are currently looking for storytellers who might want to take part to the event by telling their stories. Conditions for participating are:

    1) each story teller must tell her/his own story
    2) it must be a real story, with a beginning and an end
    3) storytellers don’t have to be migrant themselves, but their story has to be linked to migration

    That’s it! We were wondering if you might be willing to be a storyteller at the event? Each story teller will have approx. 5 minutes to tell their account. We are aiming at having about 8 curated stories, and then there will be an open mic section where everyone can participate and tell the public their story.

    Thanks so much & feel free to respond here or by email to:

    Best wishes,

  7. Nisha Sykes

    Hi Gulwali,

    I am a student at Bolton University, we are currently organising a conference to be held on February 21st 2017 at the University. It is aimed to motivate and empower students to stay focused to achieve their goals. We are looking to have a range of speakers to share their experiences of success and I instantly thought of you. I briefly met you at Essa Academy last year when you came in to talk to the students, however I’m not sure you’d remember me it was a hectic day and you were in high demand!
    Please let me know if you are interested and able to Speak at the conference.

    Best wishes,
    Nisha Sykes

  8. Sheena Lahive

    Dear Gulwali,
    I would like to talk to you about a BBC1 debate about the treatment of refugees this Sunday 5th Feb in Southampton.
    Hope to speak soon

  9. Karuna Jaipal

    HI Gulwali,

    Would it be possible if you can e-mail you details for public speaking event in Oldham Library as part of Refugee week in June. Would it be possible to e-mail you with further information.
    Thanks, look forward to hearing from yous soon.

    Karuna Jaipal

  10. Kintla Striker

    I just finished and much appreciate your book. It is groundbreaking.

    I work exclusively with various populations suffering the effects of traumatic stress. I would much appreciate an opportunity to speak with you about an upcoming project.

  11. Isabella Reynard

    Dear Gulwali,

    I’m writing on behalf of UNICEF On Campus – Oxford to invite you to speak in Oxford this term. We are flexible about dates (anytime in the next 8 weeks) and would absolutely love to have you.

    All the best

      1. titchesstiches

        Hello Gulwali,

        I’m a student and representative at the University of Essex studying the MA in Refugee Care.

        The professors and I would like to invite you as a speaker for our course. We are extremely interested and believe your experiences are incredibly relevant and would be a very helpful to everyone to listen and discuss.

        I will also tweet you, but I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.


  12. Sophie McCann

    Dear Gulwali
    I hope you’re well!

    My name is Sophie McCann and I am following up on an email exchange a few weeks ago where Clare Moseley from Care4Calais kindly introduced you to the chair of the MSF Take Action Group for migrants and refugees.

    This group is composed of members of the MSF UK Association and our purpose is to take action, complementary to and in support of MSF official activities, to contribute to improving the situation of migrants and refugees in the UK and to advocate for compassionate policies toward refugees and migrants on the part of the UK government. We aim to do this in collaboration with other organisations and the asylum seeker, migrant and refugee communities, whilst working with a wider community trying to make a difference in the UK.

    One of the activities that we carry out is organising ‘Information Nights’ on specific relevant topics related to people seeking safety, which usually consist of a panel of expert speakers who present and then a Q&A session from people in the audience, who are then encouraged to take subsequent advocacy actions (writing to MPs/signing petitions/volunteering/ donating etc). We feel it’s particularly important to have people with lived experience of the asylum/migration system to participate in and guide the focus of these sessions and subsequent actions undertaken.

    We are organising an information night on Tuesday 2nd March, 6.30-8pm (online) focusing on the current disaster at Napier Barracks and the broader issue of accommodation for people seeking safety. I know you are extremely busy, but we were wondering if you would be available and interested to speak at this event?

    I really look forward to hearing from you,

    With warm wishes

  13. Ciaran

    Dear Gulwali,

    I am contacting you on behalf of the Equal Justice for Migrant Children project. We are organising a webinar on 23rd June to consider proposals for a court for migrant children and would like to invite you to join us as a speaker at this event. Is it possible to provide more information via email?


  14. Olivia Farrant

    Hello Gulwali,
    I am a doctor working in London to set up a new clinic for asylum-seekers in GP practices. I am setting up a training series alongside this clinic to educate health and social care professionals on providing enhanced care for people seeking asylum. I would really like to ensure migrant voices are included in this series and I have read your wonderful book. Could we chat further about this?
    Thanks so much,

  15. Shaun Whiteley

    Hi Gulwali,

    I work at a secondary school in North Yorkshire and wondered if I could talk with you regarding a public speaking appearance? Would be amazing to bring your story to our school to help educate our students on the reality of the world’s current refugee crisis.


    Shaun Whiteley


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